Nikki Bell
Rating: 8.21 (101 votes)
Age: 22
Smoking Experience: 5+ years
Favorite Smokes: Newports
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Body: Tight
Breast: Average Natural
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Nikki is another one of our long time smokers, she told us she always enjoyed smoking Newport cigarettes since she was stealing them out of her mothers purse. She told us she would always enjoy smoking after her mom when to sleep especially on nice summer days.

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Title: Nikki Bell Smoking Newports With Daisy Haze
Daisy & Nikki are both long time smokers, you can tell from Daisy’s bikini she not only likes to smoke tobacco. Nikki asks Daisy to lite her cigarette, she then lights her cigarette with Nikki’s. Watch these two sexy teens smoke on their menthol Newport Cigarettes, talking about how much they like smoking. It is a nice night out, Daisy brought out a light so that you can see the smoke blow away in the wind as they exhale. Nikki ask Daisy how long she has been smoking, Nikki confuses she has been smoking longer.