Rating: 8.01 (99 votes)
Age: 21
Smoking Experience: 3+ years
Favorite Smokes: Menthol
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Body: Slender
Breast: Natural
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Nikita is one of favorite models, we found her locally and shot her a few times. She loved to smoke cigarettes and also did some nice fetish videos for us also. She was a big menthol fan and would really liked Marlboro Menthol.

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Title: Nikita Smoking a Cigarette Flashing Pussy
This week’s update features Nikita, she is a long time smoker. Watch as she lights up her menthol cigarette wearing some sexy red lingerie. She teases you while she inhales her smoke blowing long trails out. Nikita flashes you her all natural tight shaved pussy.

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Title: Nikita smoking two cigarettes in the dark topless
Nikita really enjoys summer nights, watch as she sits outside topless smoking her menthol cigarette. Nikita lights up her first one and takes a couple drags then lights up another one, smoking both of them at once. Nikita blows slow exhales and shows off her awesome natural tits.

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Title: Nikita Plays with her Pussy as She Smokes a Menthol Cigarette.
Nikita is a sexy Russian smoker from the United States, this dark haired 19 year old loves to smoke. Watch as this all natural teens lights up her menthol cigarette and takes off her sexy bikini. She throws off her bottoms and starts to rub on her pussy. We ask her how it feels and she tells us she loves the way her lungs fill up with smoke as she slowly rubs her fingers on her wet pussy. Nikita puts her legs up on the couch and spreads them wide so you can see her smoke and diddle her tight pussy.

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Title: Nikita Smoking 2 Cigarettes in Lingerie
Nikita is a teen smoker, she loves to smoke menthol cigarettes. Today she is wearing a sexy black piece of lingerie sitting in her room. Watch as she lights up the first cigarette and giggles as she takes the first pull off the cigarette. Nikita slowly exhales a big cloud of smoke with a cute smirk on her face. After the first one goes out she realizes that wasn’t enough and lights up another one and puffs away on it. She flashes her cute all natural nipples as she blows the smoke in the camera lens.

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Title: Nikita Smoking Cigarette At Night
Nikita is one of our favorite smokers, today it is a little late and she wanted to smoke a cigarette so she ran outside and smoked a cigarette while flashing her tits and smoking away on her cigarette. She really enjoys the feeling of inhaling on the filter and blowing out a big cloud of smoke into the air.