Kasey Chase
Rating: 9.01 (121 votes)
Age: 21
Smoking Experience: 6+ years
Favorite Smokes: 420/ Camels
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body: Tight
Breast: Natural
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Kasey is one of our favorite smokers, this long time smoker is a gurgeous teen who has been smoking for years. When we met her she loved to smoke Camels, Marlboro Menthol Lights, and 420 Hand Rolled. One of our favorite videos is Kasey smoking two cigarettes at once while her shirt is open and her all natural chest is exposed.

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Title: Kasey Smokes Two Menthol Cigarettes at once Topless
Kasey is a sexy teen who loves to smoke menthol cigarettes, she has been smoking since her high school days. Kasey used to smoke when she would wait for the bus to come in high school. Kasey is in her room, bored out of her mind. She is just wearing a black sweater with nothing on underneath of it. Watch as Kasey lights up to cigarettes at once, she blows the smoke all over her natural perky tits. Kasey is a sexy all natural long time smoker, super cute babe blowing long trails of smoke being blown out of her lips.