Jasmine Wolff
Rating: 8.74 (203 votes)
Age: 25
Smoking Experience: 6+ years
Favorite Smokes: Natural American Spirit
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body: Tall Slender
Breast: Perky
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Jasmine Wolff is a long time smoker and friend, she has always smoked since we met her 5 years ago and i am sure she has smoked for many years before that. She used to smoker all the menthol cigarettes but we recently ran into her and learned she is now smoking Natural American Spirit Cigarettes, she said they have a better taste.

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Title: Jasmine in Bikini outside Smoking Cigarette
Jasmine is the newest addition to our site, she has been a long time smoker. Today we had her outside smoking her favorite cigarettes in her favorite bikini. Watch as she lights up and puffs away, she moves her bottoms to the side and tries to smoke the cigarette with her pussy.