Cheyenne Cooper
Rating: 8.93 (116 votes)
Age: 22
Smoking Experience: 4+ years
Favorite Smokes: Newports/Menthol Lights
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body: Tall Slender
Breast: Perky
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Cheyenne was one of our first model, she is the one that made us love smoking. Being from middle America this teen loved to smoke on those cold winter days outside. She loves to smoke all different cigarettes and is very 420 friendly, this teen always blows nice clouds of smoke.

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Title: Cheyenne Smokes Menthol Cigarette Outside
Cheyenne is at work, she went out back to have her cigarette. Today it is a menthol cigarette, it has been a crazy day at work so she is ready to really enjoy this cigarette. Cheyenne lites up her cigarette and takes a deep inhale and let out a slow exhale of a nice big cloud of smoke.

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Title: Cheyenne Smoking Cigarette Topless Outside
Today Cheyenne is smoking a Newport Menthol Cigarette, watch as this topless teen lights up her cigarette and takes a deep breath in. She smiles and blows the smoke all over her topless body and right into the camera. Cheyenne rubs on her all natural tits while she continues to smoke her cigarette till she is done.

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Title: Cheyenne Smokes Cigarette Outside Topless
Cheyenne is a long time smoker, she loves to smoke outside especially topless. Watch as she is hanging outside sitting down in a nice pair of jeans with no top on smoking away on her cigarette. She really enjoys her cigarette, she also loves her all natural tits she loves to play with them. Watch as she puffs away and plays with her boobs.

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Title: Cheyenne Smoking a Menthol Cigarette & Popping Balloons
Cheyenne is a regular on Smoking Bad Girls, today we have her outside smoking a Newport cigarette. Watch as she lite up the cigarette and shows that she has some balloons. Watch as she teases the balloons knowing that they will be destroyed. She exhales her cigarette all over the balloons and then forces them into the latex causing them to explode.

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Title: Cheyenne Smoking a Cigarette Topless on a Boat
It was another sunny day in South Florida and Cheyenne wanted to go on the boat and get a tan. We head out and have a good time on the water, Cheyenne needed a tan so she went to the front the boat with her friend and lays out a towel. Both of them laying down Cheyenne takes off her top and lights up a menthol cigarette. Watch as this all natural teen lights up and takes a nice long drag and slowly exhales. With every exhale the wind takes the smoke away, so Cheyenne gets real close to the camera and blows the smoke in the lens.