Bonnie Skye
Rating: 8.33 (117 votes)
Age: 22
Smoking Experience: 4+ years
Favorite Smokes: Marloboro Reds/Menthols
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Body: Slender
Breast: Perky Natural
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Bonnie is an all american cutie, she loves to smoke. She once told us she had been smoking since her freshman year in high school, she used to love to smoke Newport cigarettes waiting for the bus. Then she switched her flavor over to Marlboro Red full flavor cigarettes, she is featured in some of our best smoking videos.
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Title: Bonnie Smoking a Cigarette in a Fishnet Top
Sexy smoker babe Bonnie Skye loves to smoke while she reads her magazines. She can’t smoke in her house or her parents will smell it and yell at her. The only place she can smoke is in the bathroom, it has an exhaust fan in it. Bonnie is wearing a sexy fishnet top, short skirt, and some high heels.

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Title: Bonnie & Jasmine Smoking Nude & Suck Dildo
Bonnie and Jasmine are both long time smokers, they love to smoke menthol cigarettes. Jasmine just got a new big dildo and wanted to show it to Bonnie, they stick it on the wall and take turns sucking on it all while smoking their cigarettes and blowing smoke all over the big toy. Both of these teens are full naked and they take turns playing with each other and the toy.

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Title: Bonnie Skye smoking a cigarette and sucking a lollipop
Bonnie is a long time smoker and today we find her putting on some lip gloss, we ask her is she has an oral fixation and offer her a nice big lollipop. She picks up the lollipop and has a hard time un-wrapping them, she slowly puts in her mouth. She kinda gets dirty with the lollipop and starts shoving it down her throat. We offer her a cigarette and she is glad to light up the all white long Parliament and puff away on it. She is wearing a sexy lingerie outfit and as she smokes her one nipple starts to pop out showing off her all natural tits. She smokes the cigarette down to the filter letting out big clouds from each inhale.

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Title: Bonnie & Jasmine Smoking Making Out and Playing
Bonnie and Jasmine have been friends for quite some time now. Today we found them both nude showing off their all natural bodies, not wearing one piece of clothing. Watch as these two teens smoke cigarettes while blowing smoke all over each other. Jasmine is with the short hair and she loves to blow smoke all over Bonnie’s natural tits.

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Title: Bonnie & Jasmine Smoke Glass Pipe
These two teens are long time smokers, they love to smoke their cigarettes and also smoke Bonnie’s glass pipe. Watch these two teens take turns hitting the pipe, blowing the smoke all over each other and the camera.

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Title: Bonnie in all White Dress Smoking While Pumping
Bonnie is one of the cutest smokers we offer, she is one of the original bad girls. Watch as she is running late to go out and she has to stop and get gas. She is not allowed to smoke in the car cause her parents pay for it and they won’t allow her. She has no time to sit outside to smoke a cigarette and she needed gas. Watch as she lights up an all white long cigarette and starts to smoke it as she puffs away. She even flashes her all natural perky tits and bubbly ass at you.

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Title: Bonnie smokes all white cigarette in bikini
Bonnie is a long time smoker, today she is wearing a sexy orange bikini watch as this teen lights up her cigarette and takes a deep inhale then exhaling a big cloud of smoke. You can tell Bonnie really enjoys her cigarette blowing the smoke right into the camera, she even pulls out her tits and blows smoke on them.

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Title: Bonnie gives BJ to Jasmine’s toy while smoking a cigarette
Jasmine and Bonnie have been long time friends, they are both smokers. Watch as Jasmine shows Bonnie her new toy and allows her to suck on it, only if she smokes a cigarette while she sucks it. Watch as Bonnie sucks Jasmines big new toy. Bonnie loves to blow smoke around this huge dildo while Jasmine shoves it down her throat.