Alexis Grace
Rating: 8.99 (217 votes)
Age: 23
Smoking Experience: 7+ years
Favorite Smokes: Newports/Menthol
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Body: Tall Slender
Breast: Natural
Ethnicity: American
Model Featured Nude: Yes
About Her: Alexis is one of the first models we shot, Alexis a long time smoker and fetish model. She always loved to smoke and the way she would exhale the smoke out of her nose and mouth. Now imagine her smoking while she is sucking your cock, well you can see it shot POV. Alexis has an amazing body and a great set of natural tits.

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Title: Alexis Grace Smoking BJ with Facial
Alexis is one sexy teen and a long time smoker, she loves to smoke menthol cigarettes. Watch as this teen is on her knees topless and lights up one of her Newport cigarettes, she then pulls down her male friends pants and starts to suck his hard cock while smoking her cigarette. Watch as Alexis blows big clouds of smoke around his cock until he explodes all over her face.